Here is the information about preparing and submitting the final camera-ready version to be included in the proceedings. Please read the instructions carefully and prepare accordingly.

1. Paper Preparation

Template: You are required to use the ACM Word or LaTeX style templates to prepare your paper.

Main conference paper authors: Please choose one of the templates based on your selection of copyright transfer options. Please refer to the copyright section below about these two options.Word_Copyright and Word_License. Latex_Copyright and Latex_License.

Poster authors: please use one of the following templates: Word_Poster and Latex_Poster.

Please replace "" in the copyright text box with the which is specific for your submission and included in the ACM rightsreview confirmation email upon completing your copyright form.

PDF Page Limit: The camera-ready paper must be in PDF.

The page limit is:
Main conference (both long and short talks): 10 pages
Workshop: 8 pages

Poster: 2 pages
Page limit is strict and includes all text, figures, references, and appendices.

Note: Up to two extra pages can be purchased through the registration link.

Poster authors: The poster paper can be less than 2 pages. You can choose to leave the main body empty, but title, author list, abstract, categories and terms are required, and you must use ACM template.

Fonts: ALL fonts must be embedded within the PDF file. A document on how to embed your fonts can be found at: Please download the ACM Digital Library optimal distiller setting file from If you are using Latex, instructions can be found from You can check if all the fonts are embedded by following this procedure:
1) Open file in Adobe Acrobat or Reader
2) Click on the "File" menu option
3) Click on "Document Properties"
4) Click on the "Fonts" tab
5) Each font listed must have "(Embedded) or "(Embedded Subset)" next to the font name

Categories and Terms: You should apply ACM Computing Classification categories and subject descriptors as well as general terms. The templates provide space for this indexing and point authors to the Computing Classification Scheme at: Please look at it closely to find appropriate categories.

Paper Size: The paper size must be US letter--8.5 by 11 inches (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm). You can check if the paper size is correct by following this procedure:
1) Open file in Adobe Acrobat or Reader
2) Click on the "File" menu option
3) Click on "Document Properties"
4) Check if the paper size is 8.5 by 11 inches (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm)

2. Copyright

All accepted papers must have a submitted/approved copyright form in order to be published in the conference proceedings. There are two options: copyright or license. More details about these two options can be found at:, in which the first corresponds to license, and the third corresponds to copyright. Poster papers must have a submitted permission form to be included in our proceedings.

The first author of the accepted papers will receive the copyright/permission form and instructions from ACM. Please note that before you submit your form, make sure that the title, the author names and order on the form EXACTLY match those on your camera-ready paper. The form is generated based on your submission made earlier, if you later change the title, the order of authors, the names of authors, or add/drop authors, please EDIT the paper information before sign and submit your form. On the form ACM sends you, there is a edit form link by which you can edit any meta information of your paper. Please note that such changes must be made before you click the submit button. Your copyright/permission form is due by August 7th 2015.

3. Submission

Main conference authors: Please upload your camera-ready paper to EasyChair no later than July 29th 2015.

Poster authors: Please upload your camera-ready paper to EasyChair no later than August 7th 2015.

Please do not create a new submission. Instead, simply upload your camera-ready version to your existing submission and this will overwrite your previous version. When you submit, please make sure all the meta-information (paper title and author names) in the EasyChair system is written correctly and EXACTLY matches your camera-ready paper and copyright/permission form. This information will be used to generate table of contents and the author index.

Workshop authors: Please email your camera-ready paper to Please use "BCB Workshop 2015 Camera-ready" as the email title, and specify the workshop your paper belongs to and the title of your paper in the body of the email. The deadline to submit your paper is August 7th 2015.

4. Registration

For your paper to be published in the proceedings, a full registration fee (not a student rate) has to be paid for each paper by August 10th 2015 (Extended deadline). Please register through this link:

If the full registration is NOT paid by authors of regular accepted papers, the papers will not be included in the conference proceedings.